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Reading Matters

If your child struggles to recognise words, remember letter sounds, read words that he has been exposed to, READING MATTERS uses a multi-sensory, systematic and structured program based on Orton Gillingham approach to teach him decoding strategies.

For K1/K2 children, we offer The Reading Nest, a reading program aimed at building the foundational skills for successful reading and spelling.  


Comprehension Matters

If your child struggles to retell a story or the main idea of a text he has read or simply does not understand what he reads, COMPREHENSION MATTERS teaches him strategies to understand meaning at the sentence, paragraph and text level.

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Taking the Struggle out of Reading & Writing

Different Strokes provides intervention and remediation to students (5-16 year-olds) who struggle with reading, comprehension, spelling and writing due to dyslexia, ADHD, ASD, SLI or other reasons.


We also work with students who do not have a diagnosis but require a different kind of instruction that works for them.

Our founder, Wan Yen graduated from the National University of Singapore (Psychology Major) and was an Associate Member of the Academy of Orton- Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, NY. She has more than a decade of experience in providing reading and writing intervention.

She has given talks to volunteers at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home on reading comprehension and spearheaded a community outreach program to provide reading intervention to children from disadvantaged families.


Our Programmes

Spelling Matters

If your child struggles to spell correctly despite memorising and learning spelling multiple times and makes consistent errors in his writing, SPELLING MATTERS will teach him letter-sound connections, spelling rules, morphology using a multi-sensory approach so that spelling makes sense and is no longer learned by rote.


Writing Matters

If your child struggles to write a story or he writes in a way that lacks organisation, description and elaboration with uninteresting word choices, WRITING MATTERS will teach him to write using mentor texts from good writers to show how emotions, strong words, vivid descriptions are used in stories.

This exposure is especially helpful if your child does not read widely and hence is limited in vocabulary and understanding of how language is used in narrative writing.

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Rachel, Mum of Ben

After our son was diagnosed with dyslexia in Grade 1, we immediately began working with Wan Yen. At that time, his reading/writing skills were low, and his self-esteem was suffering. Wan Yen effectively addressed his learning needs through a multi-sensory systematic approach. We now have a third grader who in addition to reading/writing on grade level, has confidence and excitement about school and learning.


Ben, Grade 3

Wan Yen has been so helpful with reading and grammar. She is also kind and patient. She has taught me how to read and write.

Mum of Sonia, K2

Sonia was assessed as being mildly dyslexic. Because of the Covid-19 situation, we were recommended to Wan Yen who then taught Sonia via Zoom. Wan Yen identified my daughter’s challenges in reading and knew how to design lesson plans to help her overcome these challenges. The materials used in the weekly lessons are interactive and engaging, therefore helping my daughter learn successfully. We saw results within the first month and after 3 months, my daughter could read! Wan Yen is a very dedicated and effective teacher and we are so grateful to have her teaching Sonia.

Mum of R, K1

"Our son R (aged 5) has been attending classes with Ms Wanyen since May 2020 and within a short span of 4 months, we have seen vast improvement in his interest, confidence and reading ability. Ms Wanyen's teaching materials are well structured, engaging and age appropriate, with a good mix of theory reinforced through mini games. Ms Wanyen also has a great personality and built rapport with R very well by getting to know more about his interests so she could incorporate them into her lesson plans. She's patient, enthusiastic and a great motivator and coach for young readers - I can't recommend her highly enough!

Mum of Sam, Secondary 3

Wan Yen customises her teaching to make lessons more meaningful and easier to grasp. She understands the learning issues of Sam and teaches him strategies that have proven useful.


Mum of E, Primary 5

Ms Wan Yen is patient in helping my son understand in a lively way. She will change her teaching strategies accordingly so that he never finds her class boring. Her methods have enhanced his interest in self-learning the language.


Dr & Mrs C, Parents of Chris

Through Wan Yen’s patience and guidance, we noticed Chris was improving significantly in her reading, spelling, comprehension and composition writing skills. She had found her confidence and was finally enjoying school. She no longer dreaded going for literacy therapy.

Chris , 22 years old, undergraduate 

Ms Wan Yen taught me from Primary 6 to Secondary 4. Being diagnosed with Dyslexia, English was never my strong suit. However, her constant patience and guidance was always very encouraging. She provided techniques to help with my spelling, grammar and composition writing, many that I still use till this day. 


Mary , Primary 6

MMs Wan Yen is a very patient and funny teacher . Aunty Wan Yen has been teaching me for 3 years and I have seen a huge improvement in my English writing . I have always enjoyed Aunty Wan Yen's lessons"

Mum of Mary. Primary 6

"I have known Wan Yen for more than 10 years.  She taught my 3 kids English.  She is very patient and passionate in teaching.  My kids love her very much!  Even though she is no longer teaching my kids as they have graduated, she still keeps in touch and is concerned about them "  


Dr L, Mum of M, 16 years old

Wan Yen’s rich experience, thoughtful scaffolded approach, versatile teaching, and deep patience has helped M tremendously to overcome her attention difficulties, cognitive and social challenges in learning. Today, M loves reading and writing her own stories.


Mum of KW, 16 years old 

Thank you so much in coaching and guiding my son in English in the past 6 years. Greatly appreciate your dedication, patience and going the extra mile to customise the lessons to his learning needs and in helping him to strategise for his exam preparations!  He is so happy and grateful to exceed his own expectations in managing a B3 for his N level English !! 

Mum of El, Primary 6

Wan Yen's deep patience, knowledge and a love for children has enabled my girl to find confidence and courage to overcome her difficulties in writing, spelling and comprehension. We are grateful that she was there for her when she was in need of guidance and help.

Mum of C, Primary 6, 

Through a recommendation, I engaged Ms Lee, a specialist teacher, who helped C the entire of his primary school years. Ms Lee is a patient, dedicated and effective teacher. Slowly, C learned to read, could do compositions and comprehensions. Now C is adept at expressing himself and has better pronunciation than even me at times.


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